Maxell Sound Attenuators are designed, manufactured and tested, specifically, to meet the requirements of most industrial and commercial projects. These units have a high noise absorbing capacity and compact design.

  • The standard construction of these units is suitable for use up to a maximum pressure of 2000 Pa.
  • Sound Attenuator MX 10 & 20 Series is of square and rectangular type.
  • And these square and rectangular type sound attenuators are designed for handling maximum air capacities at minimum pressure drop.
  • The shell noise radiation is minimized by double skin splitter construction
  • The turbulence of the airflow is minimized due to the bell mouth design of the splitter at the entrance of the air inlet.
  • Solid, curved splitter faces, minimizes noise generation at the entrance of the inlet
  • Better energy and cost savings along with a peaceful environment (due to better noise absorption).