Birth of Maxell Trading

Birth of Maxell Trading LLC in 2002

Driven by the conviction about the huge demand and potential for Climate Control products in the Middle East, Maxell Trading LLC established itself in the UAE in August 2002.

In 2002, Maxell Trading began with a single employee, doing business in a single market. Today we’re among the top leaders within our product range in scope and expertise through multiple locations.


We strive to be a world-class HVAC company that leads the manufacturing industry by providing exceptional products and services at affordable costs.


We are determined to satisfy our clients and customers with excellent quality products and services.

We commit our efforts into creating incomparably efficient and performance-driven products. All these are done with careful concern on the environment so we make it a point to keep our operations eco-friendly and non-destructive.

Our highly skilled professionals serve as the pillar for delivering top-quality output along with exceptionally professional sales service.



I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome you, in your interest, to know about the Maxell Group.

I strongly believe that to embark on a journey of success one needs vision, the tools of preparedness, foresight, and strategy. This is what inspired me to form Maxell Trading LLC and Maxell Industries LLC.

The journey has been full of excitement, challenges, and unmatched experience to carve a niche for us in the industry. Maxell Group is today a trusted and reliable name in the supply of Air Conditioning equipment, Sheet Metak Fabrication, and Switchgear Products.

Every Plan we make, and every action we implement, is driven by the desire for quality, a comfortable environment, and with a commitment to society.

A vital component in our quest for quality is the constant investment in our people, facilities, and technologies. Hence our values are based on Trust, Integrity, Innovation, and continuous involvement in the business cycle.

It is quite imperative to owe our success to our esteemed clients for their trust and understanding and of course to our employees who have been the backbone of the leading edge performance.

Once again, thank you for your valuable time and interest in Maxell. We look forward to a healthy business and your continued patronage.

Managing Director
Rajesh Shenoy