Duct heaters are devices used for sensible heating or re-heating purposes.  Re-heating is done to heat up sub-cooled dehumidified air so that it does not chill the space while keeping the air dry.
Maxell’s UL listed duct heaters are:

  • Designed and assembled under strict quality control to withstand the severe climatic conditions in the Arabian Gulf area.
  • The assembled capacities range from 0.25 KW to 110 KW.
  • They are custom built to fit the site requirement(s).


The square or rectangular shaped duct heaters can be manufactured in six basic designs as below:

  1. Slip In Type
    • These heaters are designed in such a way that the frame dimensions are slightly smaller than duct dimensions. Slip-in heaters are designed so that the entire frame, except the terminal box, slips into the duct with ¼ inch clearance all around.
  2. Flanged Heater-Removable Heater Section
    • These heaters consist of a slip-in type mounted in a flanged duct section. Frame dimensions are made to match exactly to the duct dimensions. The frame is then attached directly to external flanges of the duct where the slip in portion could be pulled out without removing the flanges from the duct.
  3. Flanged Heater-Non Removable Heater Section
    • In this design, the frame of the heater is made in such a way that it exactly fits the flanges of the duct i.e. the inside face dimensions exactly matches the duct dimensions. The heater frame is attached to matching turned out duct flanges
  4. Stab In Heater
    • Maxell manufactures a wide range of stab in heaters for sensible heating. Most commonly used with FCU’s. The compact design of stab in heaters makes it more economical and widely used product across the globe.
  5. Fan Heater
    • The Maxell fan heater series features a compact design that’s almost half the size of comparable utility heaters with similar heating capacities. Maxell fan heaters are designed to mount on ceilings, floor, and wall.
  6. Round Duct Heater
    • Heaters specifically designed for installation to commercially rated round ducts. Heaters are available for installation to spiral single ducts with inside diameters of 4 to 44 inches.