Choosing a Duct Heater? We can design it for you..

Choosing a Duct Heater? We can design it for you..


Choosing the right duct heater requires the careful consideration of many factors. You must consider the medium to be heated, wattage required, duct size, the installation requirements, and the desired electrical controls.

Some duct heaters are designed for high-temperature use. They provide clean heat, offer versatility, require little maintenance, and are considered easy to install. High temperature duct heaters are also used in annealing and dehumidification as well.

Finned Duct Heaters are used when lower-temperature process heating is required, as well as for recirculating ovens. Uses for this type of duct heater include everything from shrink-wrapping and comfort heating to produce ripening rooms and cryogenic exhaust gas heating. This type of duct heater is also used in low-temperature forced air ovens, as well as a variety of applications that use air heat. Like their high-temperature counterparts, finned duct heaters are versatile, require little maintenance, and are easy to install.

Our sales engineering staff at Maxell can help you work out the details of what you need and provide you with a detailed quote for your particular application requirements.



Dear Team, Please advice whether a separate control panel is required for Maxell open coil type heaters or it can be accommodated in main panel? Regards, Shanu Shaji 0551808863
    Dear Shanu, It can be accommodated in the same main panel
bal ganabo
DUCT HEATER Supply for the duct heaters Open Coil . The system shall be complete with control panel (step controller), thyristor controller to be connected BMS, kindly advance forward the designed criteria or the specs detailed of these heaters for submittals. AHU - 1 A - 75 kw, 380/3/60 1 no AHU - 1 B - 75 kw, 380/3/60 1 no AHU - 3 - 52 kw, 380/3/60 1 no AHU - 11A - 105 kw, 380/3/60 1 no AHU - 11B - 105 kw, 380/3/60 1 no FAHU - 1 - 36 kw, 380/3/60 1 no FAHU - 2 - 108 kw, 380/3/60 1 no Engr. Bal Ganabo project engineer almuruj electromechanical company jeddah,ksa 0593991726 tel:+966026524175 ext. 410

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