The following Terms and Conditions shall govern the service request for any products sold by Maxell Trading LLC (hereafter referred to as Company), to any person, organization or entity (hereafter referred to as the Customer). The scope of service request shall include:

  1. Review of complaints by the first level of service team;
  2. Remote troubleshooting by the first level / second level of service team;
  3. Validating the requirement for site survey by service engineer;
  4. Preparation of commercial document pre & post inspection;
  5. Arranging service technician(s) / supervisor(s) for site survey, after approval of commercial document(s);
  6. Diagnosis of issue / fault;
  7. Providing information to Customer about the diagnosis result;
  8. Receiving Customer approval to proceed with the necessary repairs / replacements;
  9. Closing the service request with site acceptance / commercial bills, as applicable.

ow to raise a service request by customer?

  • Go to ;
  • Fill the form with valid information and submit;
  • A unique ticket number is generated and send to the email provided;
  • Customer can use this ticket number as reference for future communication with the company till the service is closed.
  1. The service provided shall be free of charge if the unit(s) supplied is within the warranty period (as per the terms of the warranty applicable);
  2. Once the service request is raised, the service personnel shall contact the Customer for initial troubleshooting and later schedule an appointment if at all the request is qualified with valid delivery note no and clarity on nature of problem submitted. The Customer shall provide the Warranty Number or Product Tag Number (as applicable) to ascertain if the warranty claim is valid apart from the delivery note no if requested by service technician;
  3. In the event of the service personnel visiting the site, the Customer shall have the following ready for inspection by the service personnel of the company,failure of which shall consequentially lead to the Customers being charged additionally or in an incomplete service claim:
    • Delivery note / Invoice,
    • Warranty certificate,
    • Original Product Tag.
  4. Any services beyond the Warranty period shall be charged per visit as mentioned in the tab below depending on the requirement. The standard visiting charges shall be for diagnosing the cause of failure. For repair / replacement works, the actual charges shall apply; Standard Charges per visit: Dubai: AED 300; Northern emirates & Abu Dhabi city limit: AED 500; Outside Abu Dhabi city limit: AED 750
  5. It shall be the responsibility of the Customer to make the necessary arrangements and / or provisions for any civil, plumbing work required prior to the Service work;
  6. Service work shall be done only for machines manufactured and / or supplied by us (with the Maxell branding);
  7. The Customer shall be responsible for arranging the necessary entry pass / permits to access the area or building where the equipment has been installed / stored. All basic arrangements to access the unit shall also be made by the Customer which includes access doors, ladders, man lifts and secondary accessories like power sockets. The company shall not be responsible to carryout service and / or repair of units when all the necessary permits cannot be obtained by the Customer. The service team shall be granted immediate access to the site / unit, upon reaching, and any delays beyond a period of 30 minutes may become chargeable;
  8. In the event of the unit or equipment having to be moved from the premises of the Customer (or where it is currently stored or installed) to our premises, the Customer needs to make the necessary arrangements and bear all relevant expenses to load and transport the unit. In case, the transportation is arranged by the company, the Customer shall be billed including such transportation and / or loading charges;
  9. Further the company shall not be held liable for any consequential, special, incidental or contingent damages or expense arising directly or indirectly from any defect in the work performed or parts installed, or repaired by any third parties on the unit. The Customer recognizes and accepts that tampered / mishandled, unreasonably accessible and deteriorated equipment may no longer be serviceable in the normal course, unless otherwise justified;
  10. Subject to the terms of the warranty, the company shall repair and / or replace, in its sole discretion think fit, any part of the unit which has been manufactured and commissioned by it, for reasons of it being defective or otherwise;
  11. All service works will be performed during normal business hours only. Any Customer requiring service work to be performed out of regular business hours may be charged additionally, based on the number of hours and location;
  12. The appointment time for service work shall be decided based on the availability of the service personnel, the severity of the issue, time and the unit location. The severity of the issue is determined by the service personnel after discussing the same with the Customer;
  13. The company reserves the right to vary the period and conditions of warranty documents, depending on the unit and the geographic location to which the unit is supplied;
  14. In instances of supply of ‘parts only’, the cost of removing or dismantling any defective part to be replaced under this warranty, its carriage to our premises and its reinstallation shall be borne by the Customer;
  15. The company will not cover any costs of diagnosis, service, repair, parts replacement or adjustments that occurs due to the following:Repairs needed as a result of (a) abuse, tampering, alterations or repairs by persons other than us; (b) accidental or deliberate damage, loss, theft, freezing weather conditions, subsidence, structural repairs, fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, tornado, flood, storm, acts of war or other insurable risks; (c) lack of reasonable maintenance;
    1. The thermostat is not at the proper setting;
    2. The household or building electrical fuse or breaker required for the Equipment is blown;
    3. The Equipment has been turned off;
    4. Renovation related work;
    5. The costs of redecoration and restoration costs required as a result of any work performed in connection with the Service work, including, but not limited to, wall coverings, drywall, plaster, wallpaper, paint, floor coverings, tile, cabinetry, counter tops, landscaping or repair of any structural or cosmetic defects;
    6. Loss or damage to property caused by the heating, cooling, appliance, electrical or plumbing or drains system breaking down (e.g. damage to furniture caused by water leaks);
    7. Providing for or closing access to covered items;
    8. Service, maintenance, repair, or replacement necessitated by any loss or damage resulting from any cause other than normal usage;
    9. Loss or damage due to chemical or sedimentary build-up, misuse or abuse, unauthorized repair by others, failure to clean or maintain the Equipment, rust, corrosion, insect infestation, mold, mildew or bacterial manifestations, missing parts, structural change, fire, electrical failure or surge, water damage, mud, soil movement, negligence (except by us), intentional acts (except by us), riot, accidents (except caused by us), pet or pest damage, Force Majeure, or failure due to excessive water pressure or any other perils are not considered loss or damage by normal use;
    10. Preventative maintenance other than to the extent noted above; and
    11. Consumable items, including but not limited to filters, fasteners, sheet metal products, insulation and fuses;
  16. If, after installation, building or other code violations are discovered before and / or during the diagnosis and / or repair of unit, the company will not be attempting to repair and / or service such unit until the corrective work has been completed by the Customer;
  17. The scope of service of the company does not include exposing our service personnel / team to any service involving hazardous situations and / or toxic materials;
  18. Any parts and / or accessories which falls within the warranty, the company reserves the right to propose and / or replace the same or similar parts as per the availability and our conditions necessitating the same;
  19. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure there are no situations involving insufficient air distribution due to existing ductwork design or clogged duct work or insufficient water flow due to existing or clogged piping or radiators. Costs of refrigerant recovery, vacuuming and refill are excluded from the service commitment;
  20. The company will use care when performing any service, but shall not be liable for the failure to discover and / or disclose conditions necessitating repairs or replacements, nor shall any inspection be construed as an approval or guarantee of the condition of the heating and air system or equipment;
  21. The company’s general Terms & Conditions of Sale & Purchase shall apply wherever applicable;
  22. The company may revise and update the Service Terms & Conditions from time to time at our sole discretion. All changes, including revised service charges, shall become effective immediately on all units supplied, irrespective of the date and time of the supply. These terms & conditions shall supersede all other previous terms and conditions.