Maxell Trading deals in cooling towers by Ebara Shinwa, one of the largest providers of cooling towers in the HVAC market. With the advent in development of cooling tower technology, they are today available in different types and sizes, of which we deal in the following:

Cross flow
Counter flow
Closed Circuit


  • Full air contact with fill for best heat transfer.
  • Lightweight, compact and space saving
  • Built-in piping arrangement
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reduced installation time
  • High efficiency
  • Internal piping is provided, which saves space.
  • Works very efficiently also on variable flow rates of the water, as the water falling noise is negligible.
  • Capacity is split into stages for saving energy.
  • Aluminum alloy blades with an adjustable pitch for the variable airflow.
  • Capacity can be increased by adding a cell.
  • Covered upper hot water basin, no algae formation, etc.